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Buying a home
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8 steps to buying a home

Is It Better Right Now To Rent Or To Buy?

I’m sure by now you’ve heard that mortgage rates are at record lows and they have been for months. Housing prices are still relatively low. The key to seeing a return on your investment in ANYTHING is to buy low and ride the wave on up. The cost of borrowing money right now makes home ownership cheaper than renting in many cases. What do you think happens if everyone continues to rent because they are afraid to buy??? Rents continue to skyrocket. Investors know this, that’s why they are buying everything they can now, so they can rent it to you at an inflated rate later. BUY NOW! I don’t care if you walk, run, or surf to our office. Just do it now!

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A professional Realtor makes it a LOT easier to go through the home buying process. A Realtor will help you find the right house, develop and present an offer, and ensure your interests are protected during the home inspection process. "Going it alone" as a home buyer exposes you to a greater chance of overlooking something important, which may wind up costing you thousands of dollars. A buyers representative Realtor is paid through the sale of the house - there is no cost to the buyer.